Global Legal House – an international law firm established in London in 2008 and working with clients from 41 countries. We are part of Sapienti Family Office, that works with only the wealthiest families, providing them with personalized world-class service.

The Sapienti team cares about the safety and growth of capital and does it perfectly, which is indicated by its average annual income over the 11-year period from 2008 to 2019, that has amounted to 24,71%. The share of Russian-speaking clients in the Sapienti’s portfolio exceeds 45%. This is at the times that’s not been easy in terms of compliance for all banks and management companies; and in 2019, our professionals know how to work with clients from different countries and with capital created, among others, in the countries of the former USSR during the 1990s. We, the GLH attorneys and specialists, solve virtually all legal issues encountered by the Sapienti’s clients.

As a professional team of attorneys, who have been solving our clients’ problems for over 10 years, we guarantee complete anonymity (as required by the strict international standards of attorney-client confidentiality), as well as flexibility in resolving various issues. The goals of our customers are our goals. We are not the lowest-priced consultants in terms of our fees since we don’t pursue the goal of having a high number of clients but rather provide services of high quality to those we work with.

Global Legal House has its own lawyers and small representative and negotiation offices in 16 cities, including, as of 2019, in Panama. The members of our team are used to moving around the world, and so, the GLH clients have the opportunity to meet our experts in the places that suit them best. In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours from the initial request to the meeting to discuss the plan. Even when it’s necessary to “pull” a client out of Cambodian jail, even though we had never previously worked with the authorities or state bodies of that country, 2 of our lawyers were in the office of the prosecutor as early as 8 hours after the request.